Hello and thank you for checking out my commissions!
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★Before we begin★

Please take a moment to read my Terms of Service:

Commissioning me is a great way to support me, and I am extremely grateful!
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★Simple style★

Artwork made in a simple, cartoony style. (Full body only.)

Clean sketch/Lineart$10
Flat colors$15


Cleaned up sketches.



Lineart commissions.


★Flat Colors★

Artwork with no complex shading/lighting.



Fully rendered artworks.



Additional characters, backgrounds, etc.

Extra character (max. 5)*+50% each
Simple characters (e.g.kirby)25% of full body price
Add color to sketch (no shading)+25%
Grayscale coloring to sketch/lineart (no shading)+25%
Simple BG color(s) / TransparencyFree
BG pattern$5
BG Environment/scenery$10+ based on complexity

*DISCLAIMER: The additional 50% applies to commissions in which the characters interact in some way. If you buy two or more separate commissions of a single character each, the original price still applies. The only exception are sprite sheet commissions.

★More Examples★

  1. Characters belong to toasty.blizz on Instagram

  2. Characters belong to dark_decay on twitter

  3. Characters belong to ShadowTender(left) and Munoxide(right) on DeviantArt

  4. Character belongs to Sunny_Sideupsi on twitter

  5. Character belongs to Laczine on ArtFight

  6. Fusion between Patton and Virgil from Sanders Sides

  7. Characters belong to me

  8. Kirishima from BnHA with an OC by mirificmadeline on instagram

  9. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!

  10. Shiina Mahiru from MILGRAM

  11. Character belongs to KalelRodriguez4 on Twitter

  12. Characters belong to AraminAudios on twitter


★Terms of Service★

by commissioning me, you agree to the terms below:

Requesting a commission:

  • You can contact me via any of the social media at the bottom of this page (the icons work as links to my accounts). DMs, notes, emails are all open! But please don't leave comments under my art asking about commissions.

  • I can turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable, even if it doesn't necessarily fit my Won't list.

  • If I agree to work with you and you have no problems with the price, you go ahead and send me as many references as you want. The more the merrier, since that would give me a clearer picture of what you want. Quick doodles you did are extremely appreciated, but detailed written descriptions work just as well! You can also mention by number any item under the "More Examples" section or any of my social media art posts that caught your eye if you want something similar to that.

  • You can order multiple artworks at once.


  • Payment is done in USD, via Paypal invoices. In the case of Ko-fi commissions of multiple characters, you may request the original single-character commission from my "commissions" tab and then send in the extra character(/s) price via tips.

  • With sketch commissions I expect you to pay upfront. With everything else the invoice is sent after the sketch is approved. I will not continue working on your commission until I receive the payment.

  • There is always the option to add a tip, but don't feel obligated to!

  • If I haven't updated or contacted you in more than 2 weeks, you can ask for a full refund.

The process:

  • I will be updating you on the progress whenever there's a significant difference (e.g. when the lineart is finished, or when I add the flat colors) and if I have a question about any details I might have missed.

  • I will give you an estimate for when to expect the final product, but please be patient. There are many factors that may affect how long it takes me to finish your commission (number of characters, amount of commissions I already have, complexity of said commissions, real life struggles, etc). I would rather not give you a product I'm not proud of because I rushed it.


  • I reserve the right to use the final product however I want (meaning putting it in portfolios, posting it on my social media, etc). I will always mention the person who commissioned me, as well as who the character(s) depicted belong to. Only exception is if the commissioner would rather remain anonymous and the character(s) belong to them.

  • Commercial use is not allowed. These commissions are for personal use only. I will not be making any additional profit from them either.

  • You can post your commission to your own social media, use it as an icon, etc. All I ask is that you mention me somewhere and don't remove my signature/watermark.

  • In cases of original characters that you want to sell, reselling the commission in a bundle along with other art of that character is permitted.

  • For sketch and lineart commissions, you can finish/color them as you'd like. Don't modify the original, and only post them anywhere as long as you credit me for the base sketch/linework.

Will, maybe and won't

  • Most humanoids, furries, scalies, kemonomimi, etc.

  • Original characters / Fan characters (a.k.a. characters made for a specific fandom/franchise) / Self-Inserts

  • Fanart, OC/FC/SI x Canon

  • Romantic relationships (including ones that consist of people of any gender(s) and/or more than 2 people) / Friendships / Family bonds

  • Aged up characters as long as it's for Safe For Work reasons

  • Animals

  • Mecha (the not too complicated ones)

  • Suggestive themes / light NSFW as long as the characters are 18+ (not aged up)

  • Explicit NSFW (on the same terms as above and as long as I'm comfortable with it)

  • Gore/Guro and the like

  • Hard NSFW / Fetishes

  • Incest/pedophilia (including ships where one character is aged up for its sake)

  • Hate speech / anything that promotes bigoted rhetoric. Realistic/grim themes are okay but it must be clear that the bigotry is being called out rather than promoted

  • Realism

  • NFTs